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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Photos are not in any order of occurrences (because they just look prettier in this way- pardon me designer's OCD).
Scroll down for more info hahaha

Bintan Lagoon Resort Gold Course (Y) Bagus.
Ferry to Bintan at 9am in the morning
The conflict site. Read more below to understand why.
Climbing this mountain of rocks.

Annmarie werkin' it
Walking to location. and yes we needed an umbrella :X or not our make up would melt
Ridding at the back the buggy to location and we were all like "I'M READY FOR MY CLOSE UP"

Girlz in the big house
Hashtag Flatlay, hashtag New Look, hashtag accessories
Mira and Awesome on set.

Left: Earth batch girlies
Right: Annmarie & I wrapping up our shoot. Those were our outfits, sponsored by New Look. I'm not supposed to upload spoilers but hush hush, just one!
15 odd girls sneaking to the Ferry's outer-deck to selfie hahaha

Chillin' by the pool with our honey starz, even though we already had lunch, which wasn't exactly satisfying. I would rate my Hotdogs with Flies a 5.5/10. yes. flies.
Almost got blown off the boat home. If I had much money, I'd buy a boat and sail it out to the seas. It's rather liberating tbh. But of course if I win, I'll use the $10k to bring my familia to Santorini for all the times Dad&Mumz have spent on vacations. 'Cuz they deserve it (and also 'cuz Travel & Living keeps probing them to go).

I made a pact that this hols, I should probably use at least one of the many bikinis I've bought but never used. Well well well, the opportunity came and I didn't pack'em in. We had our New Look photoshoot at the Bintan Lagoon Resort which was uhhh-maz-ing. The place's like a country club resort island thing so upon reaching there, immigration was simply just a room at the dock of the jetty. We skipped the queue by handing our passports to the kind staff holding the sign "Newpaper new face" (wouldn't it have been totally bogus if she was there to kidnap us?) and got ridden off in a buggy (of which they call "boogie" there so cute right) to the "Hair&Make-Up Villa". We were the "Earth" girls, or rather, the 4 of us were shooting with the theme, "Earth". The villa that housed everybody just reminded me of Model's House from ANTM. Like wa. We didn't get to stay over like the rest though, but nonetheless, we still had a great time. Our hair was done by Monsoon & Make-up by MAC. 
Immediately after we were all dolled, we were swooped to the golf course to shoot at the rock formations (explains the whole "earth" concept). You're not allowed to be on the green unless you've got a permit so we encountered a bit of a hiccup even though our liaison already did a spectacular job planning everything for us. Security buggys surrounded our vehicles and right there, I felt like we were stuck in some kinda civil war. Valentina pulled through though, and that's why she's the woman. Our shooting location was worth all the hassle. It overlooked the sea, and to get to our spot we had to climb mountains of rocks. Whoever did the location recce deserves a pay rise. It was even worth the 12pm merciless sun, which contributed in spreading my freckles, most definitely. 
Soo exciting, getting away from Sg, even if it was just for a day. Mira, Victoria and Annmarie were a fun bunch. Check out The New Paper New Face 2014 facebook page here  for behind the scenes photos. 
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