Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Adia came over the other day to hang. The last time I actually sat her down and forced her to hang out with my totally uncool ass was.... oh wow last year. We didn't have much in mind for the day so we just made our way to Cold Storage outside to get a bottle of pesto for our pasta. And surprise surprise we ended up jamming for the rest of the day. Adia sounds like a flute when she hits her falsettos. That's my cue to melt into a puddle of awe.


So, some stuff I learnt while cooking this:

* My omelette looks like fish.
* I like to eat from the pan (while taking extra precautions not to scratch the bottom) because I'm too lazy to wash more dishes.
* Home has more ingredients than I ever thought possible.
* Place-mats are unappealing to me. I like to use chopping boards.
* I shall embark onto greater things, such as baked goodness and, not forgetting, key lime pies.
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