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Monday, July 14, 2014

Naomi, Aurelia, Chanel
New Paper New Face 2014: Documenting a YOLOSWEG Summer Hols

There's honestly no easy way to break it to you without coming off as superficial or ditzy, so Imma just come right out and say it and thus suffer the consequences thereafter. I got into New Paper New Face 2014 Top 20! It was either the latter, or an atrociously ugly snapchat of my flared nostrils captioned,"You be seein' this face on NewPaper. Don't through darts". & to all those who have already received this, my deepest apologies.

So. Ok. From the beginning.
Walk-in auditions were at Bugis+ and all we did was walk up the stage, walk to the front, smile, and walk off. They had to clear 300 girls in a span of 2/3hours? I'm guessing that's why we had to do what we did. 
Closed-door auditions @ Subaru Hub were menacing. We did the same thing like Walk-ins but without the stage and infront of 8-10 judges in a quiet room with no music. The scrutinyyyyyy. Coming from a person who has never been for any castings whatsoever, this was one hell of a step forward. Nic & I were just like,"yolo, we can do this". Made it through *fist pump* still can't believe it.
(Photos from NPNF Facebook pg) 
You know how I'm always behind the camera instead of in front of the camera (except for OOTDs, those don't count lol)? Yea, I realise how difficult beauty shoots are. They strip everything down to bare minimum. Before you go thinking all crooked, when I say bare minimum, I mean head shot, no hands obstructing, with clothes on.  (I held it to myself that if they made me do anything less than a full 1 piece swimsuit shoot, I'll pull out.) Our first shoot was at SPH building all the way in Toa Payoh (painful journey there every single time so far omg). The office interior fascinates me. Being an ex masscommer but never being in a newsroom just puts myself to shame. 
When we reached the studio, they had 1 backdrop, 3 soft box lights, 1 reflector, a make-up and hair team, and a rack of sponsored clothes for on-the-spot fitting. This year's sponsors are New Look & Levi's btw. Nerves jitters never professionally shot before keeping fingers crossed so that my nostrils don't look odd-shaped again in the full spread hahaha. It's definitely easier to shoot than to model though, or maybe I just no skillz, yet. "NO BLOGSHOP MODEL POSSES, think US Vogue," says our Creative Director (Y) of whom is without a doubt super duper cool and funny. Keep learning and practicing in front of the mirror, they say. Apparently "all models do that". Idk if it's a narcissistic thing to do but I guess if you're being v objective about it, if you need to get a good photo, you jolly well better get down to practising. I was scheduled with Naomi, Chanel and Aurelia for my first shoot and they're darlings really. Photogenic beyond words.

And this my friends, is my first and only photo in any newspaper. You'll realise that I'm not looking at the camera. Trust me to pull that off huh. In my epic defence, the NPNF Alumni girls were doing a group selfie and I was distracted HAHAH

Our second official top20 outing was for a fitting @ 313 Levi's and New Look. We got to pick out a pair of Levi's jeans (speaking of which, I never knew the Levi's jeans material was this goodand New Look heels (mine are 5 inch platforms BTW. I am not exaggerating. They are so so comfy though. They might make me look enormous). Other than that, I got to make new friends like Jasmine & Victoria too ahhh can't wait to see all of them tomorrow. Initially, I feared for my life, entering a competition as such. There's always so many horror stories about bitchy girls. I've never been in a girls' school so I wouldn't know the extent. I thought I was just lucky to have nice pageant friends in Hall13 but hey, I'm not complaining, all the girls here at NPNF are cray nice and down-to-earth. Our groupchat peaks at an exponential rate of avg 100-200 msgs per hour. Hapz enough for you or not? hahaha 
Alrighty, I'm done documenting for now. Gotta get up rise and shine tmr for our shoot. We're so lucky to be shooting at the Bintan Lagoon Resort (I think) so off we gooooo. Update y'all soon. See ya.
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