Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Weekends are sacred. They're my time to recharge and shut out the world so I don't turn super snappy for the rest of the week. Recent weeks have proved to be the total opposite with shoots and outings though.

My Saturdays:
You know how sometimes you have days when you just really don't feel like dressing up? My cupboard is segregated into "Clothes that I'll look ok in w/ flip flops", "baggy buffet clothes" and Dresses (because you don't have to match anything else with it). My lifestyle illustrates the inertia I feel whenever I drag my body outta the house. And, on days where we have shoots, I pull out my comfy pants. It's apparent that Vivi feels the same way (when she shoots) too because we turned out to church wearing our sloth outfits. We then proceeded on to blocking the entrance of Axis by holding Mini Photoshoot Round 2 (see above).
Dinners are usually with la famille. We decided that we were sick of always eating around CBD for dinner on Saturday nights so we pigged out at Carnivore.  If you go, please have the beef, pineapples and cheese bread balls. They're glorious. Obrigado.
They just published a video on our Bintan trip. Yay, my notes were flat again *stabs self*

LASTLY. I was a big fan of Taylor when Vogue straightened her locks and gave her bangs. So up next will possibly be the most trivial question I'm ever gonna ask on this blog. Should I straighten my hair out or continue perming mine? :C Wee Teck told Monsoon to flat iron my hair for our Levi's / Subaru shoot and I loved it so much (zomg). But my hair will probably never be this flat 'cause of all the natural curls. GORL PROBLEMZ SOMETIMES I WISH I HAD NONE. After the shoot, they asked me to shimmyshimmy in the middle of SPH carpark for 10 secs without music in front of the camera and I pulled out the goofy club moves Tia & I joke to when we see guys trying to dance with us. When the video comes out, I give you permission to judge all you want. I think it'll be quite funny. hahahaha //good luck to my impeccable non-existent reputation//
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