Friday, August 15, 2014

Really love my new red hair, less the frizziness. 
Photos by my dearest Sam Leck.

Had to begin my OOTD rampage because school's already getting me down. First week and yay deadlines have already begun. Trust ADM lecturers to be over achievers, huh?
Since freshman year, something I never fail to struggle with is choosing my responsibilities. By responsibilities, I mean hall or school commitments. I hate having to hand over uncompleted jobs, so you can imagine my torment this sem because I really wanna join stuff like D&D, Jam Band or idk Rock climbing (so random but I've always wanted to try) but because of exchange, complications are bound to rise up. I only realised how important it is to focus one a specific something as compared to being a jack of all trades after stripping all the excitement from campus life down. Ultimately, it's not a race of who can make more friends, neither is it how many people you can impress in those committees, it's how you prioritize to make the best out of the little time you have in uni. Bare minimum, that's what I'm going for. (Dan, you must be so proud of me ^^) 

Alright. Whatever manda. I just thought I should be a little bit more philosophical, considering I'm just entering Year 3. See ya around school~
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