Hall13 DnD '14 Pageant Shoot

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Photobombinb w/ Tze Tian, my co-pageant co-ordinator from last year --->
(Some photos taken by Bryan L.)

Got the chance to work with the Hall13 DnD '14 pageants on shoot again this year. It seems like everyone's shooting their pigeons (say "Pageants" really slowly & you'll see the reason why we call them that) at Singapore Art Museum. Well, we have a legit reason for our location; that being our theme is The Great Gatsby so we needed a place that looked colonial and old british/american. Note to all aspiring photographers thinking of shooting at SAM: Even though it looks freaking magical on the outside, it's a bane shooting anywhere near it (especially on a day like such when the freak weather decided to go bitch mode drizzly and sunny at the same time).The walls are mostly washed white and if your subjects are clad in monochrome, your photos are gonna turn super contrasty which may or may not be a good thing for you - Idk, subjective.

Despite the weather, this year's pigeons were so co-operative. Some of them pulled of the smizing smirk so well I almost melted while reviewing the 80 frames of them. I'm exceptionally excited to see how they'll do on D-day itself because everyone of them has such an interesting personality. It always interests me to see how their stage presence plays out.

Special thanks to Mark Tan for coming down. He came with his hair all styled back and aviator shades, all ready to help me with the male poses. Macham cool only.

Yeap, so do remember to vote for your fav. Hall 13 pigeon for Mr/Ms Popular & Fav. Couple! They need your support~

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