Hall 13 NTU DnD 2013

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Photos by Cepheus Chan

Out of all 3 years in hall, this's my first sitting at the tables watching the Pigeons perform. Namely because I was always either backstage helping out or getting ready for D-day itself. Sarah was chair this year so I had the privilege of being at the Judges' table instead, which was btw the most awkward table, comparative to all the OGs cheering around us. 
As I watched the pigeons strut down the stage, I couldn't help but compare them to when they were training in the function room for the first time. Their stage presence wow-ed me over so I had to try my best to hide the dorky grin that was plastered on my face while the other judges scribbled on their clipboards. "This is possibly how a proud teacher feels like when their students win Nobels" - I kept repeating in my head, especially since this year's competition was, in my honest opinion, really tough. The PCs, Cheryl & Tze Tian must feel out of this world. 
So yea, it was one awesome night, and I'm so glad to have squandered it all away with these ones. 
PS:// After party at Dream. Music there on Saturdays are PERFECT to the T. LOVEEEEE. So many stories. So many. 
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