Vote, maybe?

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Throwback to last summer when we went to Shop Wonderland.

I've always hated these kinda voting contests because I feel so much pressure to conform to ask for votes, but at the same time, what good does it do?! Every time I get a notification from somebody to do a random survey or vote for something, I just wanna go, ugh dammit. But ok, I know how yall feel now. So, Hi, I've conformed to the shallow standards of society, please head down here to vote for number 9.  (EDIT: Thanks anon for letting me know that the link is broken!)
I feel so loved by my friends, LG and famz for spreading and tagging me on FB. Y'all have been so enthusiastic and supportive, if I win this, I'll blanja all of you go eat k! So this is a little kind reminder; you can vote once a day till the 2nd October 2014. Have you done so today? ;)
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