Monday, October 20, 2014


Overly red photo sorry
Rehearsal night before D-day
Hair & make up. So shag already.
Lookin' lyka stuck up tai-tai.
I'll look pass the fact that we rehearsed thrice a week for less than an hour of catwalk for Finals. It doesn't matter because being backstage was a whole new experience. They lined the backstage walls with racks of fitted clothes and we had three outfits each. Everybody got a stylist to themselves because models are hopeless at dressing themselves. I kid. Because everything was chop-chop change, chop-chop get on the runway. I've never worn so much prints and colour in my life (Idk why they like to dress me in pink ok) but I guess it's much better than having to wear dull colours, so I'm thankful. 
Walking on stage is somewhat comparable to walking on stage? - less the singing duh. There's always that little bit of acting and improv. Acting, because I'm the least confident person in the world. Improve because Murphy law states the Whatever can go wrong will go wrong. The jitters are the same. They usually last even till after the walk. I think the main difference walking for NPNF was that I was amongst really beautiful confident women who knew/know how to strut their stuff. That made me feel empowered (*bursts out into Single Ladies theme song*) - to be part of a show where each girl has worked so hard to finally get to d-day. I'm so proud of all of us.
And I know 2 weeks have passed and you're gonna hate me for saying this, but I really, truly, from the bottom of my heart, miss having salad dinners before rehearsals with the girls. They're surprisingly filling, no matter what you say. You just gotta know what ingredients to pick. We pig out like crazy at times too though, especially at Llaollao with the two dearies <3. Ugh, miss all them so much I can't wait to see them again.
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