Personality X

Monday, October 6, 2014

I'm always fascinated with people and personalities. (I had half a mind to take Psychology, but mugging theories and fallacies just ain't my thing). It takes a great deal to understand how somebody ticks, but when you roughly get the gist of it, it's quite rewarding. I started trying in poly, when a friend introduced the concept of Extroversion and Introversion. I always wondered why I felt the need to have sufficient space and time alone after a long day. According to the Jung Typology test (you can take it here), I'm 56% introverted. A lot of people genuinely feel shocked when I say that. And all I have to say is.... yea.... about time you knew...
Anyway, I digress. The point of me being here today is because I recently crossed paths with a very interesting person. I shan't disclose who, so let's call the person "X" (like, Professor X, or The XX). I think the most intriguing personalities are silently brilliant. They're wallflowers or underdogs- only because they're quiet, and sometimes lack confidence, but when probed or pushed, they excel. X is self driven and hard working, because the standards of the world are not enough. X has an indescribable aura that illusively weaves in and out of conversations, kinda tough to read. It wrecks your brain, making you wanna know what's really going on up there. X doesn't need to prove anything to the world. Most importantly, X is the kind who has the star factor but never realises it because of overpowering humility. 

If you know someone like that, count yourself extremely lucky because when they shine, they shine brighter than anyone else, and it's an amazing sight to witness.
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