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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tonning and camping in the ADM Mac Lab where there's no air con and ventilation with a huge bar of Marvelous Creations by Cadbury chocolate. Sam & I managed to accomplish that last Thursday night till 4.30am and I think that's what screwed up my body clock. It's deadline period, hence. It was the most fun doing work though. We were karaoke-ing to some Disney songs & Phantom of the Opera. If anyone was there at that ungodly hour,  I would like to take this time now to apologize for all the embarrasingly high off-key notes we hit.

But yay, I'm back in the East today (yay yay). Ben decided to be nice and extract me from school because it was doing a good job deteriorating my health.  Also, I was very much in need of retail therapy to aid my current state of insomnia. Doc gave me some lousy sleeping pills to destress. "Will I become dependent on these?" I had to ask, just to be sure. "Nope, they're mild." Well, yea sure they're mild. They're so mild that they're not even working. Sorry for being a grouch these days. Sleep is evidently a very important part of human life. So, to my dearest readers, I hope you're catching enough rest! I shall only say this once, in fret of being to naggy: drink water and stock your vitamins.

In other news, *coughs & clears throat*, something much more exciting than my epic rants will be coming to this space - Something to do with yum and tumm(y). Look out for it, kiddos ;) I'll see you soon.
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