3 Hidden Supper Spots around NTU

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Exam period, ugh. People tend to disregard the fact that good food should, at all times, be freely available- with no exception to supper, because it's possibly the most important meal of the day (or... night.) 
Just a week ago, The Hotbox brought me on a supper trail to ease my late night hunger pangs. The Hotbox is a supper delivery service for NTU students that operates from Monday to Thursday. Supper choices vary every fortnight and include popular supper choices such as Ah Lian bee hoon, Boon Tong Kee chicken rice and Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak. 
So anyway. "Where do you usually have your late night snacks?" they casually asked, and I had to embarrassingly reply that my roomie cooks the maggie mee while I'm in charge of the dishes- standard procedure. Maybe my lack of supper knowledge (apart from the usual Ah Lian/Ah Fang/Extension) amused them, so yes, they brought me to 3 hidden supper spots that were a breath of fresh West Side air.

1. Teo Chew Porridge

Teo Chew Porridge is so gratifying at night because it's light and comforting but tasty at the same time. Even though it was almost 1030pm, the store still had a wide range of ingredients and I would say that for the price we paid, it was not bad at all. We got plain porridge, sweet & sour pork, long beans & cereal fish. 

Cost:$5/person. Address: Blk 352 Jurong East St 31/32 (near YuHua Market). Drive Time: 15 minutes

2. Frog Leg Porridge
Frog Leg porridge hawkers are usually open from evening till late into the wee hours. Despite their not-so-legit sign that says "ROG ORRIDGE" (see picture above), I give them a two thumbs up for their delicious dark sauce and porridge. The porridge was not too watery or clumpy. Coupled with the sauce, its distinct taste complimented the porridge. What I really liked about this place is their super fast service. We got our dishes served within 5 minutes (+brownie points). Just so you know, they also serve Kidney Mee Sua.

Cost: $7.50 for 1 frog & 1 bowl of porridge Address: Blk 491 Jurong West Ave 1. Drive Time: 15 minutes

3. Al-Azhar Prata
My personal take: I love the vibrant atmosphere. You see families feasting on prata, naan and mutton curry. It makes you want to try everything- and mind you, their menu is extensive. Although, I highly recommend their tissue prata if you have a knack for sweet stuff. When the magical cone of goodness arrived, it was like Candy Mountain, Charlie! It's a recipe for diabetes but it's damn right better than any other dessert out there (yes, Honey Creme included. &No, whatever you say, your argument is invalid.). It's basically crispy prata in a shape of a cone drizzled with condensed milk and laden with sugar. Yeap, sugar produces brain juice. Good for studying.

Cost: Tissue Prata, $2.70. Ice Tea, $1.60. Prata Cheese Mushroom, $2.80. Address: 11 Cheong Chin Nam Rd Drive Time: 10 minutes

If your conditions are similar to mine: living in hall, stuck in the room famished at midnight and bored sick of maggie mee, your only possible alternatives are: 
1. Get your own damn car down to the nearest food place.
2. Get The Hotbox to deliver it to your doorstep hallstep. 
To order supper with The Hotbox, you just have to register an account using your NTU email and select your preferred place of delivery. Hot box caters to all 18 halls and certain spots around the school compound to serve those who stay late in school. The Hotbox website remembers your previous selection choices so it'll be faster to choose "the usuals". Cash out is done upon delivery.

Good luck for your exams, kiddos. Don't feed the bell-curve and may the odds be ever in your favour.
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