Adult Playground @ Sentosa

Friday, November 14, 2014


Tan lines, ugh the bane of my life. Like I even need a tan. My freckles are increasing again. I decided not to sell my ticket to Adult Playground even though I had a shoot the following day and 123 deadlines due that next week. As dodgy as it sounds, I  assure you that it's the least thing from dirty. 
Adult Playground is a sporting carnival for people aged 18+, mainly because it's a high risk environment involving games like water jetpacks, inflatable beach volleyball, archery tag, lilypad running... I was quite lucky to bump into many uni kids there. Orh hor, never study for exams- then again I could say the same thing to myself. Each ticket was about $50, if you bought 6pax & above. They cordoned off the entire Siloso beach so the playground spanned across the long stretch. It was so fun because my secondary school friends and I have never played team games together before & it's a breath of fresh air, to be able to have an ultimate goal that everybody's working towards, aka eliminating and totally crushing the opposing team *pseudo competitive spirited young woman*. 
Oh, then my favourite pair of shades broke. I know it's trivial to lament but they're seriously irreplacable because I got them from Platinum Mall BKK for $2 then I changed the lens to legit UV protected ones, so I might never get something better. Ever. If you know a place where I can get something similar, please lemme know. Thankx. 
PS:// Sorry for all the selfies. The GoPro was just so tempting. I probably should've taken more photos of our obstacle courses though hahaha was havin' so much funz growing 1000 shades darker wheeee.
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