Sunday, November 16, 2014

On Princep, at some pretty church, Sam went, "MANDA, I TAKE YOUR OOTD FOR YOU. GO STAND THERE NOW." And the thing is, as much as I love her enthusiasm, I always have this constant mental debate because my usual get up is just a simple top and a skirt. So even though I look buay-paiseh on the outside, I'm literally judging myself for taking OOTDs 'cause my style is really minimalist. I don't understand how some bloggers can clad themselves in really elaborate blazers in Singapore (esp with this god forsaken weather), and still live to tell the tale. Does it thrill you to sweat buckets and feel uncomfortable the whole day? Oh well, perspective, all about perspective my friend.
Thank you Sam for always shooting me though. She calls herself my official photographer & I feel highly honoured at the thought of this. She never posts those I take of her though *reassessing my photography skills* 
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