Typography: Work in Progress

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Our typography mod in year 3 requires us to design a typeface. &so I came to this epic conclusion that no one can never pay me enough to design a font for their company. Namely because using Fontlab is a major torment. Mum came to my screen the other day to see what the fuss was about, only to realise that the program looks exactly like AutoCad (AutoCad is a commercial software application for 2D/3D computer-aided designs, so says Google). Props to all engineers for having to deal with this shit daily man. " Yes, Font Designers are also Engineers", affirmed by KK, the most quotable Typography teacher of the year. Maybe that's why I'd hypothetically make a terrible engineer. Oh well. You can catch all ADM Seniors' works at the End of Semester show which will be happening real soon. I'll update you again~
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