Saturday, November 29, 2014

First of all, I'm the last person you should consult when it comes to Mandarin, Chinese or any part of the Asian culture. I, however, love the aesthetics when two languages are mashed into one design. It gives you a sense of authenticity, no? 
For Viscomm III, we had to brand something - anything. We had to do an Artist-Brand-Collaboration which means in-depth research on an artist of choice, then picking something related to them to design. So.... I picked a Coffeehouse. (Lazy to explain my concept to you so I'll just let the visuals do the talking)


Dear Viscomm Jrs, please read the following if you're planning to pick Cindy as your viscomm/type prof:
Cindy is the only prof who leads me to sit on the kitchen counter, eating snow skin mooncake, feeling jaded about life. She stresses a lot on "concept. Where's your concept?!" That usually rings in my head whenever I walk outta her class. For weeks, all my ideas will be rejected because "design with no concept = no substance/intelligence". But I think it's really those eureka moments, when she finally helps you join your ideas together, that makes life worth living again. That night, as I sat on the counter, I literally picked up the last piece of mooncake from the Goodwood park hotel packaging, pumped it in the air and screamed,"YESSAH, all hail the concept". And that my friends, is the great amount of success you will feel when you take Cindy's class. She sees the potential in her students that's why she pushes them so hard, and that's understandable. Be warned though, her class is challenging. So to my dear juniors who don't know who your TYPE or VISCOMM lecturers should be, I have one tip for you: Cindy's really strict but she knows her shit and you'll learn a crazy amount of stuff from her.
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