New Paper Big Walk

Friday, December 5, 2014

I just wanted to show you how hilarious posed-selfies look like. PS:// I could make a Expectation VS Reality photo.  
Call time was 6am. We tried our best to put on our best faces because simply put, nothing is more important than sleep. The organizers chartered a shuttle for us so we only had to walk 100m from the starting line to air con (lazy bums be lazy). We met a photographer who told us to pose with our iphone. This is how it went down... "OK GIRLS, *whips out my iphone* FIT YOURSELVES IN". The selfie turned out atrocious (see last photo above). Fast forward to the next morning when we found a perfect shot of us in the papers. Conclusion: The power of a legit DSLR. Note to self: Take dslr from dry box more often.
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