#amandadventures: St. Albans

Thursday, January 29, 2015

 I love how they sell pots of flowers along the streets outside Barclays. It's frakkin' random. It's beautiful though.

We entered a Thai restaurant and I saw "Singapore Noodles" on the menu. Now, I'm not really the carbs person but I just had to find out what these noodles were. It seems like they're just Bee Hoon. They were pretty darn good tbh. I had no clue why they were bright yellow though (photo filter not doing justice to statement).

Why can't our churches look like that :(

Left to Right:
Alice, Yvonne, Amanda, Luyen, Rachel

Travelled with the Ridgeview girls before the term started last week. Ridgeview? It's the current temporary accommodation we're living in. They say that it's so old, it used to be a backpacker's hostel, and before that, an old folks' home before that. Living conditions are slightly below mediocre but the people fill the place with warmth. I got to know these girls while bonding and wallowing in misery- which reminds me, I better post to show you the state of my room. Just like our friendship, our St. Albans was fairly impromptu. I like how we all just clicked together so effortlessly.  
One of the many ways to spot a foreigner is when they frantically attempt to figure out the currency. We boarded the bus from London Colney and was greeted by the driver  while we fiddled our pockets for change. He inquisitively asked, "Where are you girls from?" Every time we get that, I literally LOL because people think we're all from the same country (since we look Asian afterall) but "We're actually from everywhere". Alice and Yvonne from the US, Luyen from Switzerland and Rach from Malaysia. I also realised that too many a time, people ask if I'm Malaysian. Maybe because the Malaysian population is so much bigger than the number of Singaporeans here. I digress. 
Yeap, St Albans is a small town just beside London Colney. It has these markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It makes the place feel even more quaint and "very lovely" - as the Brits would say it. And they're cathedrals *to die for*. Good job for studying your Western Art Hist, Amanda.
Can't wait for our next trip to I-don't-know-where :) 
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