#amandadventures: Dublin Photo Diary

Monday, January 26, 2015


#amandadventures: Travels began in Dublin 2 weeks ago with Nat. //Back story: I'm currently on an exchange program in the University of Hertfordshire, of which school is starting tomorrow and I should probably be sleeping instead of posting thing (ha-ha, but what do students on exchange know? yolo only, SU only).// I am fairly determined to religiously record my journeys here so that I can one day look back and be thankful for the experience; and also because Kylez reminded me to update hehe.
I won't write a lengthy post because nobody likes long-winded stories. But here are some things I've learnt in Dublin: 
1. The Irish people are the friendliest people in the world We went on a 6.6km walk from 1 town to the next (Bray to Greystones; as recommended by Nic). It was marvellous, not only because of the views but also because every time we walked passed somebody, they would greet us with a good morning/afternoon. They stared at us a little longer too. My hunch is that they rarely see Asians in Ireland. Then again, which Asian can stand Dublin's cold? Which brings me to my second point 
2. The weather is ridiculous this time of the year The drastic climate change from Singapore to Dublin is almost murderous. If you don't have a thick neck warmer and gloves, you're basically sending yourself on a suicide mission. Dublin is twice as cold as London because of the gusty winds and nasty rain. As much as I adore the views of the coastline, nothing you say can make me wear 1 less layer than I already was. I was piled. 
3. Air BnB is fantastic See photos above (or on my insta), here. Our accommodation totally blew me away. Nuff said. 
4. H&M in Dublin is cheaper than in London Simply because converting to Euros is so much cheaper than Pounds. This conversion rate in particular really confusing me actually. Hence, I carry my XE converter app everywhere I go. 
5. The Irish have really really nice blue eyes I could stare into them all day. You know those light blue contact lenses Thor or any Marvel God wears? Those. *Melts* 
6. Food comes in terribly huge portions so it's advisable to share.
For the couple of days Nat and I were there, we bought back stuff from the supermarket and cooked. Well, Nat cooked. I'd usually toss salads for my dinners. We visited "Boxty House" and had their Seafood Chowder and Pancakes. Perfecto~ I crave for them now so bad. They were really filling though. They were picked from the Sides menu and our waiter told us that people there would usually order that and a main course. Whut.
7. The Guinness Storehouse is definitely worth the trip They had a tour in the Guinness Factory. That's basically the main reason why we travelled to Dublin - Because Nat wanted to be an alcoholic. (lol, kidding. She just really likes her alcohol because she used to be a bar tender). The storehouse was a state of the art museum. They even taught us how to pour our own draft beers. PS:// I have a certificate to prove it! Kudos to them.

If you're planning to visit Ireland, please do. It's a lovely place (Y) 
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