Luyen's Birthday

Monday, February 23, 2015

King's Cross & St Pancras International
Burgers & Lobsters

 Sundays and Hillsong United services

Yesterday was epic. Rach and I attended our first Hillsong United service. We were so glad we didn't get lost because the train station right outside The Dominion was out of service so it was a lot more of a hassle to get there. When we arrived, they had the words "WELCOME HOME" on the screen. Indeed, I was home :') 

6 Little Portland Street
W1W 7 JE
We, then, went to meet the other girlies who were touring Hyde Park. It was my beautiful Swiss girl, Luyen's birthday. She had never tried live crabs or lobsters before because they apparently don't have those in Switzerland. So Burgers & Lobsters it was over at Oxford Circus. 
I cannot stress how much this is a MUST TRY. Rach and I shared a lobster roll and it was glorious. The lobster was fresh, doused in hollandaise sauce and squished in between buttered brioche bread. Melts in your mouth :') Alice, Yvonne and Luyen all had the whole lobster, which also looked quite impressive. It came on a huge tray that also had a side of salad, butter lemon sauce and salted shoestring fries (photo above). Each main course was 20pounds. Worth it, trust me.
At the end of our meal, our birthday girl was thrilled when the bunch of waiters surrounded her with a birthday song and chocolate ice cream. We picked chocolate because that's how we got to make friends with her. Long story short, Luyen's mum gave her boxes of swiss chocolate to bring over, instructing her to "make friends". I love this girl's silently whacky personality and quiet demeanour. We're all so happy she finally joined the 20s club :)

Just finished shopping at Primark, off to Hogwarts now~

On the way back to Hatfield, we had to wait for a train at King's Cross station. I hate trains. Definitely not used to the public transport system here. Buses take up to an hour to come every time. I guess it's also because the route they have to cover is bigger than small Singapore. I just don't have the patience for that. Anywho, we stopped by this mini photobooth because Alice wanted to be Gryffindor for 5 minutes. She claims that I'm a Hufflepuff. I'm not sure how to feel about that but I chose the red scarf because it matched my coat better - stop judging.
Considering I only slept 3hours the previous night finishing up Web Animation, yesterday was a totally fulfilling day. Apart from the horrible drizzle. Yas, it was a fulfilling day.

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