The Mail

Monday, February 16, 2015

When I get letters, they arrive in the mailbox outside the apartment. Easy peasy. When parcels come, they get sent to the Student Post. Until this week, I never understood the feeling of lost mail. The problem with our generation is that we use instant messaging and emails so often that we forget how precious handwritten stuff are. Sure, if an email didn't send through, you can just reclick a button and it's done. The difference with mail is that you know the person put thought, effort and time to put something together. So when it doesn't turn up as planned, you'll feel this impending sense of worry (then again, maybe it's just me, LOL). 
For parcels, we don't get notified on collection, so students are forced to check with the reception on the day of expected arrival and every subsequent day till it magically appears. I went down on Friday and nothing. I was out at Windsor castle the whole Saturday so yay -.- , no parcels then. That explains why my flowers are drooping in the photo, because they were sent fresh on Friday and survived 2 days without water. I'm so proud of them for holding up. My Valentine's day wasn't so bad after all I guess. //Currently nursing them back to health, so you'll probably see dried flower photos on my insta soon LOL//
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