Update: Weather/Food/Accommodation

Friday, February 6, 2015

I hate it. Urgh. You know how everybody raves over snow? Yea, I don't. It looks magical (sometimes), then again, do you realise that it's just solidified water?

1. It's cold
2. After you get in to warmer temp, you're soaking
3. Snow fall looks like dandruff

So, no. No snow.

Food: We have lunches in the cafeteria. It's the closest we have to "hawker food". It's the cheapest too. Everybody's squabbling over how it sucks but I'm just glad it's cheap and edible. Here's Allison, the librarian, finally wore her hair down. Isn't she gorgeous?

Patisserie Valerie in London: This cost 5pounds, or approx. 10SGD. To be honest, their portions here are so much more worth it than breakfasts in Singapore.

Accommodation: Great news~ Thank you to all the people who have been praying for me to get a place to stay on campus!! With the help of my lovely Ridgeview friends, I've finally moved to my new "townhouse" as they call it, on College Lane. It was an impossible journey up so we recruited Connor over at Telford to help us. That big purple Santa Claus sack Yvonne's holding had 3 pillows, 1 duvet and 1 blanket. I felt so bad putting these girls through so much torture. It's been a month since I left, people are coming and going and I just hope that these girls come to College Lane soon too. 
Accommodation prices are fairly ridiculous here. I'm paying $128pounds a week for my stay at Bellingham. Dan calls it the Buckingham Palace; fairly punny and witty I must say. Comparing rates of NTU hostels, what I'm paying here for a week, I pay for back home for the month. //Burning through a hole in my pocket// Never have I been so grateful for cheap accommodation.
Headed to London to stay for the weekend. Can't wait to try out them Lobster Rolls. Zomgah. 

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