#amandadventures: London (iii)

Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Alice & I had an artsy day yesterday. We started with Ippudo Ramen in Leicester, then to the comic book store Forbidden Planet, followed by London Graphic Centre at Covent Garden, and finally ending up at the British Museum. (We also stopped by Chinatown to get overpriced Bubble Tea [which was SGD7] because Alice has never tried it before). Wow, now that I've listed everything down, that was one fulfilling day. Loving the arts scene in London. The British Museum was the highlight of the day, to be honest. We visited the Egypt Mummy exhibit (that's 4pounds per student if you go in a pair on weekdays after 2pm) and saw the Elgin Marbles (photo above). We stared at the super unepic sight of disfigured sculptures and wondered what the whole law suit commotion was about. Jeez, "I don't know what to make out of it". Ah well, art will be art. I shall let the pictures do the talking now. Off to fully utilize the gym I so unwillingly paid for. See ya soon.

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