#amandadventures: Paris (i)

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Bonsoir, ca va? Just got back from Paris for the weekend! Sarah and I intended to go down for Fashion Week but being the noobs that we are, we just circled around the Fashion Show venue at the Grand Palais to breathe the same air as the supermodels and designers. Travelling around was both trying and testing on our legs and French fluency (my rule was just to fake it till I made it). One definite thing I've learnt though is that Paris roads don't run perpendicular to one another, so if you don't have Google Maps, you're basically a dead man. Sarah and I walked for hours just to find the Montmatre, and clocked up 15km of walking for the second day. No joke. I'll update soon with more photos. For now, au revoir!

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