The O2

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Before I ramble on about Paris in my next post, I've got another short post from yesterday's event. The above is basically what you do to console yourself when you're 10,000km away from home and Ed Sheeren's playing @ the Star Theatre. The Singaporean gang @ Hertfordshire went for the Script concert at the O2 in London last night!~ I'm relived that we ended up going because I thought my group chat request aeons ago fell onto deaf ears. I must say, best part of the show: when Danny asked a random member of the audience to dial their ex-boyfriend's number. He took the phone with the Caller ID ringing "Chris Asshole" and started singing Nothing. I was literally jumping up and down in my seat, like PICK ME OMG PICK ME IM HERE (all the way in the dress circle lol not gonna happen babe). No wonder their fans were raging on Twitter when they suddenly stopped doing that during their concerts. Too cute. Honestly, I wouldn't know whether to be totally humiliated or honoured that I got rung by The Script if that was me.. Hmm. 
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