Wednesday, April 29, 2015

 Photos by Linette Cheong
Chanced upon photos from this shoot while transferring working files to my external drive. Why, am I doing that, you ask? BECAUSE, today marks the last day of class in Hertfordshire. Here are 2 smiley faces for you to relish in joy with me :D :D. I can't believe 3 months whizzed pass just like that. It's funny, because they told us our last day's supposed to be 22 May but designers never have exams so we're literally a month early. You would think I'd book my flight back for end may or maybe June, but no, the adventurous me wanted to stay till my hall lease runs out. I'm going back in July. I can't wait to see familiar faces though. As much talk about the glitz and glam about wonderful wanderlust, exchange gets lonely sometimes (or maybe it's just me). Missing everybody terribly xx Till then, toodles, stay awesome.
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