Edinburg by day, Glasgow by night

Friday, April 3, 2015

Scotland was beautiful. It's literally one lake after another, after another. It puzzles me how I don't feel bored at looking at these sights at all. I went with the gang of Singaporeans this time- Camberline, Hua Zhen and Wei Siang.

Places we visited: Edinburg, Glasgow, Scottish Highlands, Aberdeen

5 bullet point update:

  1. Took a 10 hour coach ride overnight from London Victoria station to Edinburg. Edinburg is gorgeous, especially the castle.
  2. Scotland weather is more temperamental for London's. It rains as and when it feels like it. Asians call it "pussy rain"- it's nothing compared to the "judgement day rain" we face at home, quote from Rach's Malaysian friends.
  3. We initially wanted to hire a manual car to drive the Highlands but we couldn't even drive it out of the carpark before the engine started steaming because apparently european cars are different from the ones we learnt in Ubi driving centre. Why did I take Manual again??
  4. We visited Lake Loch Ness and our tour guide told us all these stories about monsters spirits and fairies. So mystical, I like.
  5. Our travelled mainly by coach because it's so much cheaper than the train. It's come to my realization that I really like long bus rides - provided I have my headphones and good scenery. Some alone down time is always good for the soul.
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