Forward thinking

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Just felt like checking in because my fingers needed some keyboard exercise. Yeap. Boy, were they wrong when they said exchange was a bed of roses. Never have I stayed in a library (or anywhere else) all night for a group project that I'm about to SU. This brings me to the daunting question of how exactly can people study in a library? I get friends telling me that they go to Lee Wee Num Library in NTU (is that how you even spell it?) to mug during exam periods but I fail to understand how they're able to focus in such a communal area where water, food and sanitation are so far from your swivel chair.  Tweedledeedoo; Anywho, 3 more days before deadlines and presentations are over, then it's 2 weeks of intensive PT and off to Italy, Croatia, Scotland and Ireland (again). For the first time in 3 months, I feel excited about life. Send me your best wishes. They'll be much appreciated with a couple of xx.
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