Salt, Pepper & Amanda

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"YOU'VE CHANGED," my little sister screamed at me with her potently laced slurred potato-speech. [Meaning of Potato Speech: Adelia's my little potato and she has her own way of chopped up speech pattern]. She was screaming because I learnt to cook (just a bit more). Do you remember how I was very pathetically and frantically experimenting on how to fry an egg a couple months back? All in prep for this.
Reasons why staying healthy in the UK (or any Western country for that matter) is a terrible chore: 
1. Food portions are almost triple my normal eating size.
2. Desserts (or what they call Treats) are world class and tempting.
3. College Uni kids rules unofficially state that you eat ready-cook meals, & only ready-cook meals, all day errday.
Not to mention, it also doesn't help that fresh food, as opposed to ready-made can food (i.e campbell soup, pulled pork wraps), are almost half the price here. Health or money, money or health. 

Instagram hashtag to motivate my healthy cooking sprees: #saltpepperandamanda 

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