You're a Wizard Harry

Thursday, April 30, 2015

 Great Hall
Ice Sculpture from the ball

Potions room

Chamber of secrets

Hogwarts Express

Butter Beer

Chocolate Frogs

Mock up of Hogwarts

Daigon Alley

Presketches before mock up

Sorting Hat Ceremony

Notice the very vague photo captions above, coupled with a tad bit of spelling errors. I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan but if you're in London, giving this tour a miss isn't even an option. I visited Watford together with the other Singaporeans over the weekend. Buying a group ticket is apparently so much cheaper than singles. I have to warn you, there's a long waiting list though (according to Wei Siang). 
From start to end, the place was a stunner. It's called "The Making of Harry Potter" so they exhibited the sets, original costumes worn by cast, and planning work done by the crew. It made me realise how much money was pumped in to this blockbuster series. It's starting to make me think that the Harry Potter hype was completely legit.

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