Monday, August 24, 2015

(photo by Adelia L.)

I should start writing again.

I haven't updated this space for a long time now. To be plain honest, I haven't been very intact with my emotions. "INFJs are in tune with everybody's feelings except their own"- Daniel sent this article to me about 25 Struggles only INFJs will understand. Spot on, I kid you not, I burst into fits of uncontrollable hyena-like laugher. Sometimes emotions get too overwhelming that you just want to shut them all off. I know the whole Tumblr community can vouch for me. So, in some obscured sense, it's easy to blame the person you are today on your personality. Which brings us back to the question of Nature vs Nurture. Excuses, excuses. Saying all this doesn't justify the fact that I haven't been updating, hence, here's an apology & a big hug to you who've stuck with me despite the awkward silence around here xx
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