AAA280 Ceramics (Course Review)

Monday, September 7, 2015

Pardon my absolutely ridiculous face above. I'm here to talk about my elective, AAA280 Ceramics! It's an NIE module that's open to all students. It's quite an overly subscribed elective so be sure to only bid for it when you're in your 3rd or 4th year because your chances are getting it are higher. Literally, everybody in the class are either on their final year or last semester. That kinda gives you a gauge on the balloting. 
Course wise, I thought taking a module as such (or rather any NIE module) would be chill. In a way.... yea.... I guess it's an OTOT kinda class but the ADM student in me just screams to want to do more. My fault then. But seriously, if you have an interest in making stuff and wouldn't mind rewearing your Secondary school D&T apron once again, I highly encourage this class! The teacher is fantastic too. He is very detailed with his step by step explanations. Every week, we get to learn different methods of working with clay. So far, we've done stamping, coiling and a bit of throwing! Can't wait for my stamps to come outta the kiln next week. 
All in all,
say yes to ceramics!
ciao xx

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