Finding Balance : Passion VS Instaflippingram

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

I think it's one thing to blatantly advertise for a company for mentions. It's another thing to believe what you're saying and want to have to make a change in the world. So far, I've been trying to keep my head on one thing, and that's being true to myself and not being an absolute nuisance to my followers. It's still pretty new to me. I'm still trying hard to find the balance so please bear with me! 

I think it's safe to say that everybody gets caught up in keeping up with their Likes count. I got really sick of it recently so I started 2 new instagram accounts to help myself "destress", or how would you say.. wash out the bad habits. It's really refreshing, I must say! It's the freedom of posting whatever you want and doing things however you like. 
The problem with instagram accounts where too many of your friends follow is that you tend to feel the pressure of keeping up with a certain image. After awhile, it gets tiring and fake. I think I lost my passion posting for @manda.olivia recently so my posts have been just meh. 
If you're bored of me too (ha ha ha, no offence taken), you can check out my 2 other instagram rubbish accounts called @the.snuffles and @mandandstuff.

@the.snuffles, is something I created to document Adelia, Daniel, Aloy and my stuff toy adventures. Brings out the kid in you, you know? I post random things our stuff toys do there. Occasionally, it shocks Adelia because she finds a post of Cuddles randomly laying on the staircase while she's at work. It's stuff like that that brings out the kid in me.

@mandandstuff was started out of pure intention to build my portfolio and find my own design style. It's where all the #wip goes. I haven't really established what I wanna do with it yet but... I guess that's what WIP means!.

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