Thursday, December 31, 2015

You've probably read one too any New Year's posts, so I'll keep this short and sweet.
2015 has been long and arduous. But in the overdone-overused words of the church, it's a year that I've been richly blessed with providence. In the list below, I will attempt to justify my stand:

1. Survived one of the coldest Winters in 10 years while staying in UK for 6 months by myself. (Accomplishment +100 level up unlocked) -ps Idk how u do it, Nic.- but got to drive a boat in italy (even if it was for 2 minutes) - and made many friends 

2. Learnt to cook, or use a kitchen, for that matter. (a) Found joy in shopping at the grocery store, while I'm at that. (b) Survived an LDR that started midway through it- happy & going strong btw. for now ;) 

3. Continually blessed, despite half a year of absence, to still be employed for freelance design and modelling. heyyy~

4. Honoured to travel with LB for my first overseas shoot. 
5. Humbled to have been sponsored by mgplabel, h3 concepts and wonderstellar. (it's a big deal for a noob like me k. give me chance)  
6. Got a FYP teacher that makes me sit outside her office for 5 mins to seek God everytime I consult her (good & bad, you can see that both ways) 

7. Finally got to try my hands @ Ceramics, which's an NIE, very difficult to bid for, mod. 
8. Got my huge ass face on roving vehicles in school and Ion Orchard MRT.
9. Graduating soon!! Got offered a job in a pretty neat place. // Still looking for a job that suits my character and personality.
My memory fails me so bad, and I like keeping a blog for that reason. People ask me what my resolution is for 2016. The natural human instinct in me wants to top the above year that's just happened. It's hard. So my resolution is simply to trust God's direction, understand that I'm made for great things, and no matter where He plants me, I'll do my best in it- and hopefully, just hopefully, it'll turn out good.
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