You are You.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

photo by faith cheryl

My week has been eventful thus far. Thank you for asking. 
One thing that has been ringing in my head was getting screamed for not "believing in myself enough"; to vaguely quote. I didn't believe my prof until she quoted another teacher too. To be more specific, she was referring to my inability to believe in my own capabilities, such as design skills or being a person for that matter. But that got me noticing the a common trend for girls, in general, to have self-esteem issues. 
 "Self-esteem" has always been such a big word. I had to literally google the exact definition. It refers to the confidence in one's own worth or abilities. I also did a simple search on why people suffer from low self-esteem, thinking that it's mainly because the media's brain washed society into believing in unrealistic standards of themselves. Nothing on that came up. 
Internet provided reasons on why we have low-self esteem: 
1. Negative Self Talk
When a kid is growing up, she receives a lot of criticisms, thus developing a negative pattern of thinking. Think optimism vs negativity. Constant repetition of negativity grows into a way of life, hence a low self esteem. 
2. Unfair comparisons
There are times when we've been put in a comparison next to peers. Most of the time, such comparisons are unfair because, to each her own strength. You know how they say Life gives you Lemons? Well, a person is given a set of lemon-y skills to help them get through life. What she does with the skills is up to her. Some have these skills, some have those skills. Ultimately, the skills that work well with another person might not always work well on her. 
So all she has to do to get rid of a low self esteem is to pull herself together. And stop being a baby. At all times, she should realise that a low self esteem is self induced. It is curable by her, and her alone. With constant reminders to the self that she is enough and she is special. So, no more wishing you were somebody else. 
In the wise words of Dr Seus, "You are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You". You are special. So believe in yourself.
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