Tuesday, February 2, 2016

M A K E    T H I N G S    B E A U T I F U L :
My daily reminder: In my previous post I mentioned I was collabing with Snupped to create an iPhone design cover. It took me really long to figure out how to design it because of my varying likes in design styles... But I finally settled on something really simple and meaningful to me.

I'd imagine this is how an art director at a magazine works: drawing and scribbling on layouts and demanding them changed immediately. I decided on blush/nude (or whatever colour this is) because I'd rather not have something so jarring that every time I look at my phone, it screams for attention.

This was an outtake. Designing = Dead ends. You should've seen the number of times I did "Make things Beautiful" (insta) in handlettering. I just wasn't feeling it. Somehow, having handlettering printed on any apparel/anywhere makes it look so kiddy.

Finally, these were the end product mock ups. If you're following my snapchat (@ermandalim), I was frantically asking for opinions. I settled on the first one because even though simplicity cuts it, I might get bored of just words.
But anyhoo, thank you soo much @Snupped for wanting to collab with me! Pretty excited to see my phone cover materialize :')

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