My Daily Reminder: MandaxSnupped

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

M A K E    T H I N G S    B E A U T I F U L: 
Remember my #wip post from a couple of moons back? (here) It arrived in the mail today :) I literally squealed as I ripped open the very fancy brown paper packaging. (Brown paper = brownie points already, yas)  

When Snupped approached me, I was pretty psyched about working with them because I've been looking high and low for a case that suits my style. (what's my style? girly? feminine? chic? i don't even know to be honest). I decided to customize my case because I'm pretty anal about the design of something I'm be staring at day in and day out. 
I ordered the SpaceCase Phone Case. It comes in matte and gloss finishing. I got mine in matte and it feel pretty sweet *Nods in approval*. I might end up getting a few more, just because I want my phone to have a wardrobe of its own. #fashionista 
If you're looking for any form of cases; iPhone, Laptop, Tablet or even Tote bags, try doing a simple search over a Snupped. Their best sellers are their Axis Laptop cases, and Hard/Soft shell iPhone cases :) Or, you could click here to view some of the prints I've designed! I've also uploaded some artworks I did for the Handlettering Workshop too.


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