Pri School Bestie

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Truffled Short Ribs Donburi @ Grillo

JY- I’m glad I got to meet with my primary school bestie. We did retarded things together as kids that when you look back, you can either conclude that you guys were bffs or plain stupid. She was my stepping stone to my strong relationship with Pokemon where we’d pretend we’re baby pokemon, mimicking their strange sounds occasionally during class. She’s always been the smart one, hence SMU Business. One thing I really look up to her though is her undying passion to do what she loves. Ever since we were young, she wanted to become a florist. JY started a florist business recently about a year ago. It took me by surprise - that’s passion right there. It’s something I strive for erday; doing what I love. 
PS:// and about the photo: Pasar Bella has this really good Donburi called Grillo. The Kombu seaweed smells like truffle so that’s amazinnnggg. It’s just that the ribs were a bit overpowering for me. So yes, Tanuki Raw is still the bestest.
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