Restaurant Week @ Salt Sky (Ion)

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Restaurant week was pretty cool. It's a week that you get to try out top notch restaurants at lower prices as they set a 3-4 course lunch/dinner for you at $38++. We went to Salt Sky bar. &Well, we were blown away by the view - just that it was gonna rain so it got slightly cloudy. The service was really good- they attended to every single one of our requests, even though we so distastefully littered the table cloth with bread crumbs. We were a bit bummed though because that night that we got home, both of us had our stomachs upset :/ I didn't have any food before cuz I was working and we didn't have any food after too but we did see the desserts for restaurant week were all laid out over the counter (see first photo). Hmm. In general, good experience though.
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