Taiwan: The land of milk tea

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

We fast forward to the second day because I got a new camera for the trip. But guess what? I didn't bring an SD card. Thus, there weren't any photos on the first day. On a side note, I'm still trying to get acquainted to the Sony camera colour.... Still trying.... Still trying.... 
I finally bought this camera because carrying a Canon 5D to travel breaks my back. I'm currently using the Sony A7ii.

Airbnb at Lisen North Street


Mum likes to organize her stuff. So from the left row to the right, we have my belongings, Adelia's and Mum's.

Breakfast situations
Train stations here are so clean. 
Their toilets are even more commendable than Singapore public toilets.
 Amanda is impressed.

We traveled to Hua Shan market to get this Soya Bean milk and You tiaos for breakfast. They were so good that Mum has been raving about them even after we got back. We met some Canadians in the queue (see photo with stairs above) and they recommended getting the salty soya milk! 
Ikr, salty soya milk. I personally didn't like it but a lot of people were getting it. If you're a fan of egg and tofu, that's definitely the thing for you. I'm just going to stick to my originals. I think many people like it because, unlike Singapore's soya bean, they don't add too much sugar into the drink. Moreover, miraculously, you don't feel bloated after all that dough and oil.
How to get there:Getting there isn't that difficult. We literally took the train to Hua Shan Market, exited the train station, went up to the second level and there it was. You'll probably identify the long queue before the store (can't be missed). Try to go early though, because when we got there at 9am, the queue was winding already. But no worries, because the line moves pretty quick.
More information on Fatsgboy's blog! 

711 the Food heaven

It's crazy. 7-11 has seats in Taiwan. The way my sister described it was that it was a miny food court where you buy your food, warm it up and eat there. I wasn't blown away but I was delighted to see some tea eggs there! :) 7-11 and family mart are officially the epitome of convenience in Taiwan. We had most of our meals there hahaha.

I'll be posting more of our travels but for now, here's just half a day. I'm tired of typing~ 
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