How to tell when a girl is really not interested

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

sorry for using your photo annika xx thank you for the photos.

I believe that I should address a serious case of guy-girl social etiquette right now. Sometimes, a girl just doesn't know how best to say "no, I'm just really not interested in even being your friend, please back off". For that, here's a series of questions to deduce whether the problem is you, being too creepily stalkerish.
1. If you met at a networking event. A networking event is to network.  
2. If you got her number off a business card.
Oh, for crying out loud, this is so rude.
Ps:// for any form of enquiry, direct them to the email on the card; not the number. And even if you want to contact the number, what the hell man, ONLY FOR BUSINESS PURPOSES. 
3. If she blue-ticks you on whatsapp
Especially after you've sent a photo of a cupcake to cheer her on for FYP. FYP was over the minute grad show, the networking event you met her at, took place. 
4. If she tells you that she or /(and) her boyfriend, is/are not comfortable with you posting a photo of the both of you on facebook.
I think you would get the hint by now right. 
5. If she doesn't accept your facebook friend request after a week. 
6. Finally, NATURALLY, what a normal personal would do is to not continue to use her number to add her on Snapchat.

Yes, I'm really that angry. Yes, I'm also really this bitchy. I especially don't like to be caught in these kinds of situations because as a girl, I genuinely feel bad for the guy. And also, I feel rather harassed. Sure, benefit of the doubt, for not getting the hint. But, here's the bottom line:

Do not contact a girl using the number on her business card unless its an urgent business matter.

End of discussion
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