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Friday, June 3, 2016

Just some snippets of our cafe day in Taiwan!

If you're interested in Cafes, here are my suggestions: 

1. Get the OpenRice app on your phone
OpenRice is pretty cool because it tells you what cafes are near you. And you can filter them according to ratings too! This made is soo easy for us to go about. They also have reviews (legit ones, not like when you go to instagram Places to see peoples' photo captions.)  

 2. Most of the cafes there, much like Singapore, don't open on Mondays
We had half a day to kill because we couldn't check out of the hotel late. We wanted to find a good cafe so we took Uber to the best on the list, only to find that it was closed! Don't trust their website too. Cafes are, most of the time, independently run so their opening hours vary. Instead, try calling them before leaving just to make sure.
3. Da'ann District
The Da'ann district (I hope I spelt it correctly) has some pretty quaint shops around the cafes. They resemble Haji lane! It's a pretty pleasant area too. You can liken it to the SheungWan district in HK. 

Cafe Recommendations:
1. Cafe Costumice (first photo)
2. One Fifteen
3. Ecole Coffee Shop
4. VVG - this is so good you have to try it
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