Work in progress

Thursday, June 16, 2016

I think everyone is allowed to be a master piece and work in progress simultaneously. 
Was doing some research on the brand for future work stuff when I stumbled across a new edit for LB's rebranding video. I remember getting the text and feeling so honoured to go to vietnam to shoot. Part of me was sososo excited, yet part of me felt like I wasn't good enough. It didn't end there because I'd remember the times during long car rides when I'd drown my thoughts of inadequacy with loud music. Let us not forget the times when I had to tell myself, "Okay, Amanda, shoulders back, chest out. Even if you're not confident in yourself, you just gotta show that you are."  
I think that there will be times when once-in-a-life-time opportunities, too great to be missed, come knocking at your door. You are then posed with the option to go hard or go home. What would you do? 
For me, I knew I wasn't the best out there, but the best thing I could do was to accept the challenge, and continue working on yourself thereafter.
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