Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Skirt from
Thanks for the photos vivi <3

A few things are happening here: 
1. Got on a this beautiful classic striped skirt from Zaful. Ps:// I feel like striped skirts are going to be in trend. Don't quote me on this though.
2. Got up way too early on a Sunday morning to go to a place that shall not be mentioned to shoot with Vivi x 
3. Tried my hand at being even more girly than I already am in this outfit.
Zaful is an extensive site that will fulfil all your shopoholic tendencies. I got the amazing opportunity to collab and review their items! Thus far, my experience shopping at Zaful has been great. One thing I really liked about them is their wide range of boho and summer clothing. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and cutting too. Initially, I wasn't very sure if an Asian like me could wear the clothes as well as the Caucasian models, but surprise surprise, all of it pieced together perfectly~ 
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