2 weeks in Love, Bonito

Monday, July 11, 2016

So... life in Love, Bonito has been pretty whoosh for the last 2 weeks. It's so quick how time flies when you're doing work, unlike some other internship jobs that you wait for every second to trudge its way. Sometimes, I don't even wanna go home because I still have so much work. It doesn't help that it keeps piling.  
Oh yea, I should probably tell you what I'm doing there now. I'm currently working as their Digital Marketing Executive- which means I'm in-charge of their social media platforms- Snapchat, Instagram, Editorials and sometimes Facebook. Therefore, I'm going out to shoot with the lovely models for Insta, Snapchatting behind the scenes of every day life/events, interviewing people LB decides to feature and planning communications plans. phew that's a mouthful
Even though I have to be constantly worrying about what I should post on social media next, I'm very thankful for my job because it's something I really wanted to do since the start of my Honours year. I'm especially thankful to all the people who've been so patient with me. And to Annika for sending a bunch of cupcakes to the office omg.
Anyway, Love, Bonito is having a storefront in their office which is by Invite only. They're currently holding a contest called #LBStyleChallenge. If you're interested in bagging invites to visit the store, upload an LBootd onto Instagram soon! 
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