Osmose Stores

Monday, August 22, 2016

Jumpsuit: Osmose Stores
Photographs by: Adelia Lim

Here's a pretty overdue post. I've been meaning to write this for the longest time but because a dearly beloved recently moved on (may she rest in peace), I haven't had the mood to do anything.  
Today's outfit is from Osmose Stores. It was a pretty fun experience. For one, I got to go down to their physical store to try the piece on, instead of checking their collections out from their website. Second, I felt so blessed because just the other day, as Daniel and I were walking along Bugis, I was just thinking to myself, wow, I really like the clothes here. So when lovely Charmaine, from Osmose, dropped me a note, I was so excited to collaborate with them.
The outfit is highly inspired by the layered trend. There's just something about having another inner garment below a jumpsuit that completes the look. Speaking of layering, I'm also super excited for Fall to arrive! All the olives and cargos are coming real soon yay.
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