But, do you flat lay?

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


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So, as you know, I work as a content creator (well, somewhat - that's not my actual title). But anyhoo, my job requires me to take a lot of flat lays of clothes, etc. What I can proudly say that I've learnt is that it's always the small stuff that matter most in a flat lay.

How to shoot a good flat lay:
Always go for the effortless shot. To do that, composition is key! Whether you like it simple and clean or cluttered with objects, composition is always key for a good flat lay. 

  1. Create balance: Keep your lines clean and always consider balancing out heavy objects on both sides of the frame.
  2. Always shoot in square.
  3. Vary the size of your objects
  4. Mix up different materials from your background

Now comes the tricky part - Arranging your flat lay.
1. Always start with a clean background
A clean background is always a good way to begin your masterpiece. A clean background helps your viewer better focus on your objects in the flat lay. Tip: * pick a background that would complement your Instagram feed ;) ! You don't have to follow the above photo.. I just generally like wood canvases because they're raw and rustic.

2. Arrange the bigger items first
Bigger items are always the harder ones to arrange. So why not begin with them? If you have 2 big items, as such, balance the photo out by placing them at 2 opposite ends of the photo.

3. Break the rigidity by using the smaller objects

Not a very small object, but I like to use the Monstera Plant to break monotony.

One other object I like to use are marble dishes. They add texture and geometrical form!

Placing the smaller objects is the most satisfying part for me because it's when you finally finish your flat lay. Today, we have a few silver rings and a marble dish (Beyond Basic). I’ve used the silver rings to give even more intricacy in geometry to the photo.
Why I say that the smallest objects are always the most important is because they break the uniformity of the photo. They give an interesting touch to the composition! 
I got this Marble Dish from Beyond Basic. And if you'd like to get it too, do use the promo code <BBAO10> on their website on check out for a 10% discount! *Code only lasts till 30 Sept 2016
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