Getting LB Verified & on modelling

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Photos shot by the lovely Nicole Then
Always so honoured to work with her.

I'm just damn happy because @lovebonito's Instagram account just got verified!!! :')
Somebody give me a WHUT WHUT! :') Let me celebrate by posting an admittedly narcissistic blog post of my shoot for Love, Bonito with Nicole Then.
Anyway, for those of you who don't already know, I started at Love, Bonito as a model. But after I graduated, I applied to manage their Social Media channels. Read on to understand why — 
Since I started doing digital marketing for Love, Bonito, I haven't been modelling for Love, Bonito her as much because I've been behind the camera in most instances. Shooting and planning what gets published on the IG feed and FB timeline is no funny business. I take my feed aesthetics very seriously so every post needs to be well curated to fit the bigger picture. In some sense, along the way, I picked going behind the camera over modelling because I wanted to hone my skills as a creative marketer.  
I always knew that I was interested in modelling but that I could never make it my life or career, simply because (a) I'm really not that fantastic, (b) let's face it - the life span of a model is really short. Unless you decide to rebrand yourself at 40 to become an old channel 8 actress, I highly doubt you'll still be in the business.  
When I first entered LB to do digital marketing, I was swamped with creative work. My brain was exhausted every single day. To top that off, I was physically exhausted every time I had to go out to model on shoots. No doubt, I knew that God was telling me that I had to pick either one - social media or modelling.
When the time came, I finally decided to pick and I guess that's how it all played out. I do very much miss modelling, so please jio me for any gigs. And I still have tons to learn about digital marketing like SEOs, Adwords, etc. I really hope I get to learn them soon, but I'm glad I picked this route and still model on the sidelines for LB.

Ok, enough.
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