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Monday, May 29, 2017

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Maybe it's the mid-year heat that's getting to me but I've really been addicted to this whole street style look of late. Throw on a slouchy tee, chelsea boots and couple it with a Gaston Luga backpack

I liken all backpacks to a bottomless pit where I can simply dump all my belongings in. Convenience is key; who's with me! I have been looking for a new backpack for the longest time but haven't settled on one simply because I was looking for a piece which was versatile for all occasions. I was so glad when Gaston Luga dropped me an email. I was like YASS, LURVE.

I was so amused by this. The pocket is pretty deep so if I'm travelling, I might stash some of my cash in there so that people won't rob me point blank. 
- - -  
I was really torn between all their bags because they all exude such different vibes! I was chatting with Delfina from Gaston Luga and she said that all the backpacks are unisex, which makes it all the more versatile. I finally decided to go with the PRÅPER - OLIVE & BLACK  because of the unique blend of canvas and structured pvc/leather (I'm actually not very sure if it's PVC/leather, but either way, it looks presentable and impressive!)  
PS:// You can't see this but they also have a passport holder and an inner sleeve to fit your 13-15" laptop in the bag. (Not trying to oversell the bag but wow I was really impressed when it arrived in the mail because it even came in a dust bag) 

Speaking of protecting their products well, they even put a clear sticker over the leather badge logo to ensure no scratches damages the product during delivery.


To prove to your how versatile it is (hahaha), I got my fabulous boyfriend, Daniel, to pose for a few shots! (He was actually the one giving me a hand from behind the camera but I thought, hey, why not?) In terms of its size, I was really surprised when the same bag looked just as good on him too. It's always so tough to find a bag that fits both genders.
On a side note, Daniel and I also shot a separate shoot with these Gaston Luga backpacks so stay tuned for more photos if you're still not as convinced as I am to get more Gaston Luga backpacks.
Anyway, if you're looking to get this bag too, Gaston Luga has kindly graced us with a 15% discount code, on top of free shipping and a tax rebate of 20% for all orders out side Europe. 
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See ya there, hons! 
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