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Sunday, June 4, 2017


Just reminiscing on Love, Bonito shoots
Oh, how I miss Vietnam.

I spent my last day with the Love, Bonito pixies on Friday :'( I'm missing all of them terribly already. It was such a great run with them. Even though I was only there for a year, I was about to learn so much as a content creator and social media content creator. They were my stepping stone to getting me interested in digital marketing, e-commerce sales and Google Analytics, so  much so that I'm even studying for the Analytics IQ test by Google. 
My role at the company was ever changing. Like I mentioned before, I started off as a freelance model with them, when Nicole and the team scouted me at New Paper New Face in 2014 (wow, it's been so long). I, then, worked with them on a freelance design project while I was still studying in NTU. So after I graduated, I thought, hey, why not just join the company to see how I'll do in fast fashion. Turns out I really enjoyed the scene and was able to be mentored under great people. I was given so many opportunities to understudy and also take the lead in overseas projects, like shooting in Malaysia. for example.
I'm moving on to a new season of my life in another company to manage a brand called SkinnyMint. I'm not sure if you guy have heard of it but it's a teatox (detox tea) which target markets are mainly in UK and US. It's a really exciting journey for me because I would never have expected to be headhunted through Linkedin for a job like this (or any job for that matter). #blessed.
But hopefully, I will still hold firm to my roots in Fashion. I love how vibrant the scene is with so many facades of inspiration and interesting people it's fabricated from. The people there seem generally excited about life (well, most of the time they're just slogging deadlines, but we work hard and play hard). ha ha ha.

Toodle-loo my lovelies. See you guys real soon <3
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